Website Design and Maintenance

Whether you're just starting out, want your website tweaked a bit, or just need someone to update it, I can help. If you don't yet have a website, we'll discuss your business status, strategy, and goals, and I'll develop a proposal. I strive to make my projects affordable for you and worth it for me.


​Establishing your brand is one of the most important steps to being successful. It includes your business name and logo, as well as everything that's part of your business "personality," from language and layout to message and mission. Maybe you need a whole new brand, or maybe your brand needs updating? I can help.

Writing and Editing

​All the work you put into building a professional brand and website can lose impact if you don't communicate clearly and ackuretly. Whoa, I bet that sent my reputation down a notch! I can help you organize your thoughts and get them in writing, adapt your message for your audience, and make sure grammar and spelling are ACCURATE.


​Honestly, transcribing is not my favorite thing to do; recorded speaking can be difficult to hear and understand. But if you have a recording of a speech or interview and need it transcribed, I have the handy foot-operated transcription equipment, and I type really fast.


​With the dawn of word processing software and digital fonts, calligraphy pretty much became a dead art. But if you need professional lettering on paper that won't go through your printer, you might want a calligrapher. I can do Roman italics, uncials, blackletter, and more. But I don't do large signs and banners.

... and more. The skies are wide open!

There's a reason I chose "Wide Open Skies" for my business name: I wanted to leave my options open for what I might want to learn and offer. Like face masks, for example.

View my Portfolio of website projects, and contact me to discuss your website, branding, or creative needs!

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