Mary Jo Savageau

I created Wide Open Skies Creative Services in 2003 to help small businesses with their communication needs. While I'm located in North Dakota, I have clients from Utah to Massachusetts and in between. My goal with any project is to not just fulfill your request but also to provide insights and added value, and to do it all at a cost that's affordable for you and worth it for me.


Prior to 2003, I had more than 23 years of experience in communications, technology, and visual arts, including 18 years as a corporate communications professional. Backed by an English degree with a creative writing emphasis, I added training over the years in technology and the visual and fine arts, such as website development, editing, layout and design, photography, marketing, calligraphy, pottery, drawing, public speaking, and more. I also enjoy substitute teaching and seeing what kids are learning these days!

Let me know how I can help you communicate. The skies are wide open.

Mary Jo Savageau

Owner, Wide Open Skies Creative Services