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My Business

I founded Wide Open Skies Creative Services in 2003 to help small businesses with their communication needs, primarily website design and development but also related projects. I serve clients mostly in North Dakota but also other states around the country.

My Goals

My goal with any project is to not just fulfill my client’s requests but also to provide insights and added value. I strive to use purposeful design; keep content clear and concise; inspire action and engagement by audiences; and maintain frequent and open communication with my client.

My Experience

What sets me apart from other web designers and communications professionals is the wide variety of skills I bring to the project table. I have more than 35 years of experience in communications, technology, and visual arts, including 18 years working for large corporations. Backed by an English degree with a creative writing emphasis and two years studying art, I added training over the years in technology, website development, editing, layout and design, photography, marketing, and public speaking. For fun I threw in more art classes on calligraphy, pottery, and drawing, and I also do occasional substitute teaching.

The skies are wide open. Let me know how I can help you communicate.

Mary Jo Savageau

Wide Open Skies Creative Services

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